Rape Aggression Defense

R.A.D. Women Basic Physical Defense Course

R.A.D. is a contemporary basic self-defense course for WOMEN ONLY.  Rape Aggression Defense Systems, Inc. and East Providence Police Officers trained in this program provide attendees with information, tactics, and considerations, which we believe may be useful to various types of abductive encounters perpetrated against women.  Even though your husbands, domestic and intimate partners want to protect you from harm and keep you safe, they are not able to be there every hour of every day.  The fact is, there is one person who will definitely be there in your time of need....that is YOU! YOU ARE YOUR OWN BEST DEFENSE!

The R.A.D. Women Basic Physical Defense Course is a series of six, 3 hour classes, given twice a week for three weeks.  Our R.A.D. Program will begin Tuesday, October 10, 2017.  Any questions, please contact one of our R.A.D. Instructors:

Lt. Maari Stainer 401-435-7600 ext.20181

School Resource Officer Tammy David 401-433-6230

Detective Matthew McNulty 401-435-7600 ext.20031

Fall 2018 R.A.D. Class Schedule (Classes held at the EP Senior Center)

Tuesday10/09/2018 6-9pm Thursday 10/11/2018 6-9pm
Tuesday10/16/2018 6-9pm Thursday 10/18/2018 6-9pm
Tuesday 10/23/2018 6-9pm Thursday 10/25/2018 6-9pm

Pre-Registration is required online at www.eastprovidenceri.net/RAD or at the East Providence Police Station, 750 Waterman Ave.  A one time $20 fee is due on the first day of classes. Space is limited! Grab a family member or a friend and attend.


Please fill out the following application to register for the R.A.D. Women Basic Physical Defense Course

Download Parental Consent Form

Download R.A.D. for Women Class Schedule


Dear Applicant,The R.A.D. Program presented by the EPPD is a safety awareness, risk reduction, empowerment course for women.

It is important for participants to make a commitment to attend all 6 classes to complete the course.The classes are held twice a week for three hours each. they are physically interactive at the pace of each individual participant.

Anyone under the age of 18 years old must have a parent of guardian's permission to participate.

Any applicants under the age of 16 will be individually reviewed for participation in this program due to content.

One-time $20 fee due on first day. This fee is applied to a lifetime return to practice policy. Ask your instructor for more details.

If under 18, parent consent form is due on first day of class.