Road work update for East Providence:

RIDOT anticipates beginning milling and paving operations with lane closures next week from Sunday night to Thursday night (Approx 8 pm to 5 am) at three intersections. This work is weather dependent.

Bay View and Pawtucket Avenue
Wampanoag Trail and Pawtucket Avenue
Ferris and Newport Avenue

Community Development Division 

Weekly Spotlight

The Foster Grandparents Program provides a unique part-time opportunity for seniors to receive a paid stipend to help children with developing the skills, confidence, and strength to succeed in life.

• Foster Grand Parents are for income eligible adults age 55 and over who can serve between 15 & 40 hours a week. They receive a tax free hourly stipend.
• Foster Grand Parents work in schools, Head Start sites, Boys & Girls Clubs, libraries and other non-profit organizations throughout the East Bay.

This and other programs are partially paid by the Community Development Division using funds from 100% grant sources.

We are looking for good ideas on how we can put future funding to work in your neighborhood!

 To learn more or provide feedback, please give us a call, we would love to hear from you!

Community Development Division

David Bachrach

Jeannie Soares