Detective Division

Mission Statement

The Detective Division is committed to excellence through innovation and efficient use of our resources. We are committed to achieving the greatest gains, preventing the greatest losses and bringing offenders to justice by diligently seeking to discover the truth, deterred neither by fear nor prejudice. 

  • We will serve, with professionalism, to protect and defend all Citizens' rights with dignity, honor and respect. 
  • We will strive to improve the quality of life for all citizens in a fair and compassionate manner. 
  • We will have the courage and the humility to always do what is right with integrity being the operative. 
  • We will work in close cooperation with all officers, civilians and other agencies to achieve our goals and objectives in the finest tradition of the East Providence Detective Division.

Detective Division

The Detective Division is responsible for the investigation of capital offenses, felony crimes, telephone complaints and crimes involving long term commitments or special circumstances, while working in cooperation with the Office of the Attorney General and Law Enforcement agencies in the pursuit of justice. 
The Detective Division is committed to timely and responsive follow up investigations of reported crime, as well as proactive enforcement of criminal activity. In keeping with the Community Policing philosophy, the Detective Division is committed to solving crimes and to increasing public awareness by educating the citizens of our community on methods to better protect themselves from being victimized by crime. 

There are five working units within the Detective Division: 

  • Major Crimes Unit (1st and 2nd Squads) 
  • Juvenile and Sex Crimes Bureau 
  • Financial Crimes Unit (3rd Squad) 
  • Bureau of Criminal Identification/ Crime Scene Investigation Unit 
  • Night Detectives Bureau

Major Crimes Units

Six detective corporals are assigned to investigate major crimes such as homicide, robbery, burglary, breaking and entering, felony assault, missing persons, automobile theft and threatening or harassing telephone calls. They also provide the information to schools, service clubs, and businesses on how to better protect themselves from being a crime victim.   The Major Crimes Unit is divided into the 1st Squad (South) and the 2nd Squad (North). The territorial dividing-line for these squads is Route I-195.

Juvenile and Sex Crimes Bureau

One detective corporal is assigned to investigate juvenile crime and sex-related crimes. This detective conducts follow-up investigations on runaway juveniles, child abuse, child neglect, and sexual assault cases. This detective is also charged with overseeing sex offender registrations and enforcement. A second detective corporal provides assistance and support in juvenile and sexual assault investigations, prepares cases for introduction into the juvenile justice system, and these cases to the courts. He also represents the Department before the Juvenile Hearing Board.

Financial Crimes Unit

Two detective corporals are assigned to investigate crimes involving financial transactions. These crimes include forgery, fraud, identity theft, and embezzlement. These detectives also handle investigations of counterfeiting and auto theft. A majority of the cases handled by these detectives require extensive follow-up investigation and a good working relationship with local banks and other financial institutions. Their areas of responsibilities are divided by Route I-195 (north sector/ south sector).

Bureau of Criminal Identification/ Crime Scene Investigations Unit

Three detective corporals are assigned to investigate, detect, collect and analyze evidence at crime scenes. These detectives are highly trained in the sciences related to fingerprint, blood, firearms and trace evidence. They process and analyze crime scene evidence while working closely with local, state and federal crime labs to identify perpetrators and their methods of operation. Crime scene detectives link crime scene evidence to victims and perpetrators of crimes, and present expert testimony in criminal prosecutions. 

Night Detective Bureau

This team consists of two detective corporals. Their duties include a wide variety of responsibilities from major crimes to stakeouts. They investigate felony crimes that occur during the evening hours, and act as a support unit for the Detective and Patrol Divisions, as well as the VICE Squad.

Detective Division Directory

To contact a detective or division clerk, you may call or email by entering the detective or clerk’s first initial and last name with (example: General inquiries concerning childcare, firearms and employment background checks and fingerprinting should be made to the desk of the BCI/CSI clerk. General and sex offender registration inquiries should be made to the desk of the Detective Division clerk.

1st Squad: (Major Crimes South)  2nd Squad: (Major Crimes North)  3rd Squad (Financial Crimes Unit) 
Det. Cpl. Michael Petow  Det. Cpl. Michael Spremulli  Det. Cpl. Eric Rodrigues (South) 
  Det. Cpl. Michael Field  Det. Cpl. Jose Taveira (North) 
Det. Cpl. Jeffrey Mace    Det. Cpl. Mark Bourget   
  Det. Cpl. Matthew McNulty   
  Det. Cpl. Kevin Grant  
4th Squad (Night Detectives)  Bureau of Criminal Identification/
Crime Scene Investigations
Juvenile Division 
  Det. Cpl. James Toler  
Det. Cpl. Kevin Feeney  Det. Cpl. Daniel Brady Detective Corporal Mark Jones  

Det. Cpl. Matthew Robinson  Det. Cpl. Michael Field
  Det. Sgt. Michael Rose  

Contact Information

Captain Bruce Kidman, Detective Commander
(401) 435-7600

Lt. Raymond Blinn
(401) 435-7600

Michael Rose, Detective Sergeant

BCI Unit

(401) 435-7600 ext.20510

Lauri Warzycha, BCI/CSI Unit Clerk

(401) 435-7667

Phone: (401) 435-7600