East Providence News

6/28/2017 - Past Due Water/Wastewater Collection & Shutoff Policy

Purpose: It is the responsibility of the City of East Providence to ensure that all of its residential and commercial customers pay their water/wastewater bills on-time for properties that they own, rent, use, or occupy.  Unpaid bills unfairly increases the burden for maintaining the entire cost of the water/wastewater system on those customers who do pay their bills on-time.  In order to promote equity among all of its water/wastewater customers, the City of East Providence will implement this policy for past-due accounts where at its sole discretion, the City of East Providence will have the option to 1) Demand full payment of the past-due amount; 2) enter into a payment agreement for the past due amount according to the qualifications, terms and conditions listed below in Section I; 3) shut off water service for the property per the procedures listed in Section II; and/or 4) put the property up for tax sale.  

Please click on this link to download full past-due collection policy.